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Trashpolka at its best!

Balkan, Irish, Country, Cajun, Flamenco, Chanson, and Rock'n'Roll - it's good to have you as musical styles.

If you go and don't look at the style as a style, but as an individually to be mixed ingredient of something new, if you throw into this melting pot from the heavy metal guitar up to the accordion the most diverse rock and folk instruments, and if you then spice all of this with new adaptations and melodies and pour it over selected hit carcasses of the last 50 years - then you'll get what the Beatlesøns have been doing for 18 years now - TRASHPOLKA.

70s' songs are disrespectfully being turned inside out by the 10 musicians and are suddenly danceable again, punk rock classics are being invented anew with Volga wistfulness or flamenco fever (» Punk Rock Song, » Hops and Barley), and songs like the melancholic 5th Avenue Sting hit "Englishman in NY" suddenly become east village jazz polka punk songs (» Carnival in NY).

And thus on the current demo all of a sudden Terry Hall and Ice T. embrace each other and dance together with Jaques Dutronc into the Paris dawn.

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